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Delivering Holistic Pharmaceutical Solutions & Services.


CPD, SETA Training | Translation & In-Licensing | Pharmaceutical Crime Awareness


Import & Export Logistical Function | Warehousing & Licensing | Diagnostic Equipment


Contract Manufacturing | Training, Compliance & Clinical Trial Service Support

Non-Profit Organization

Community-focussed NPO | Socially Responsible | Expanding Humanitarian Footprints

iQembu Healthcare

A South Africa-based business, operating from Sandton in Johannesburg. iQembu Healthcare Holdings is positioned as an end-to-end solutions provider in the pharmaceutical sector. By blending ethical consulting services with an expanding distribution network and a globally-scaled manufacturing setup, the company is positioned uniquely in South Africa’s complex healthcare ecosystem.

Top leaderships at pharmaceutical enterprises, leading physicians, diverse patient communities, and industry professionals trust iQ Healthcare for answers to their problems. iQembu Healthcare Holdings operates via its 3 subsidiaries & contributes to the society via its NPO.


We believe in transformative healthcare through meaningful partnerships and technologies.

Pharmaceutics is challenging because it is a critical intersection of treatment outcomes, patient wellness, medical staff expertise, and the caregiver’s business model. At every step, there is a need to re-prioritize and ensure all stakeholders gain via mutually beneficial relationships, but the collective goal should be bridging the gap in the South African Pharmaceutical segment.

From keeping a tab on the latest health trends or tracing changing patterns in diseases, we continue to map the entire scope of pharmaceuticals. We also help finding more corporate sponsorships or gathering community health workers, we are ready to take-up the challenge. WE support every change that wants to facilitate better healthcare across South Africa!

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